Dua Kurma Ajwa Aliya (Premium Quality Dates) - Ziplock Pouch Bag
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Designed in Malaysia, bringing premium quality dates from the Medina to your home kitchen, DUA is now better than ever. Be tempted by these healthy dates, which are bursting with flavor and packed with nutrients. Also has soft skin, fleshy with a fibrous texture.


Chosen from the hills of Medina, only the finest of dates.
Ajwa Aliyah is grown inside the Sacred land of Medina and at the heights of the land, opposite of the Qiblah towards Masjid Quba.

It is grown in a limited area and has limited produce every year.
The height of land makes the palm-date trees get the most of the sunshine of Medina. 
The blessed fertile soil underneath it has scientific effects on the produce which has been testified by the Prophet ﷺ as a “Shield” from poison and witchcraft.

✅ Dijamin kurma AJWA ALIYAH (kurma NABI) SEGAR dan LEMBUT
✅ Bungkusan PREMIUM dan BERKUALITI tinggi
✅ Terus dari ladang Madinah tanpa orang tengah
✅ Harga mampu milik walaupun bungkusan PREMIUM.

✅ 250g
Rugi tak amalkan pemakanan kurma setiap hari. Banyak sangat kebaikannya!

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