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Rasa Sayang Sing And Record Fun Book

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Watch as your child’s eyes light up to the sound of traditional folk songs and enter into a whole new world of interaction as they learn to record their own sing-along version. The Rasa Sayang Book includes:

  • a ‘play’ mode for pre-recorded songs
  • a ‘record’ mode for interactive play
  • a 'playback' mode to play your recording.


- 7 all-time favourite Nusantara folk songs: Rasa Sayange, Anak Kambing Saya, Burung Kakak Tua, Anak Itik Tok Wi, Lenggang Kangkung, Bengawan Solo, Gelang Sipaku Gelang.

- Sound panel that comes with play, record and playback functions. - English translation flows with the melody that you can sing along.

- Find baba baa activity. Mischievous baba is hiding in the pages. Kids will have fun looking for him - similar to "Where is Waldo".

- Suitable for home or classroom activities. 


- Culture: learn Nusantara heritage.
- Language: helps children learn and develop Bahasa and English.

- Creativity: you can sing and record in any language and even in your own lyrics which encourages creativity.

- Family Activity: allows for group sing-along time and encourages healthy interaction.

- Fine Motor Skill: helps the little one develop coordination and fine motor skill. 

- Board Book: 16 pages
- 7 buttons sound panel attached to the book - Suitable for all ages

- Product Dimension: 22 x 22 x 8cm