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My Dhua & Surah Flashcards

RM 30.00

My Dhua and Surah flashcards is an awesome Islamic learning tool for your little ones! This set includes of 10 daily dhuas with english translation and 6 basic surahs for kids inclusive of translation.

Material: Board type and suitable for toddlers above.

This flashcards consist of daily Dhuas of:

💗 Before Sleeping
💗 After Waking Up
💗 Before Eating
💗 After Eating
💗 Before Studying
💗 Entering the House
💗 Leaving the House
💗 When Getting Into Vehicle
💗 Entering the Toilet
💗 Exiting the Toilet
Basic Surahs of the Quran & translations:  
💗Surah Al-Fatihah
💗 Surah An-Nas
💗 Surah Al-Falaq
💗 Surah Al-Kafirun
💗 Ayatul Kursi

Additional information :

Publisher : Qaiser Darussalam Publications

Contents : 10 beautifully illustrated dhua cards includes 6 basic surah cards

Dimension: 17cm x 12cm