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LeapTV LeapFrog Kart Racing: Supercharged! Educational, Active Video Game

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5-8 years

Put the pedal to the metal and race for glory in 5 wild tournaments. Tune up mathematics skills, then tilt and turn to smoke the competition on 10 different tracks. Race solo or multiply the fun by challenging a friend! (Multiplayer feature requires two controllers.)



Join top LeapFrog characters for crazy kart-racing action, fueled by mathematics and driven by active play.



Add power

Choose from 8 karts, then tune up pre-race using addition, subtraction, multiplication and more.





Fun times two

Multiply the fun by racing against a friend! Mathematics challenges adapt to each player for a level race every time. (Requires 2 controllers.)



Racing action

Tilt and turn the controller to race around 10 unique tracks. Swerve over power-ups to boost your score!


Go for gold

Take home the cup in 5 wild tournaments, or drop into a quick race for high-speed action and fun.


Ways to play

Use the controller to navigate each track. Tilt and turn to hug corners and swerve over power-ups. Plus, race a friend! (Requires 2 controllers.)




  • Addition
  • Early Algebra
  • Multiplication
  • Number Recognition
  • Subtraction

The Learning Difference

“This game can fuel kids' skills as they progress from number recognition through addition, subtraction, multiplication and more. Players start at a level based on grade and advance up or down at the right pace for them. The fun of racing will bring them back to the game (and mathematics) again and again." – Jody L., PhD, LeapFrog Learning Expert