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LeapTV: Nickelodeon Dora and Friends Educational, Active Video Game

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4-7 years

Put the pedal to the metal and race for glory in 5 wild tournaments. Tune up mathematics skills, then tilt and turn to smoke the competition on 10 different tracks. Race solo or multiply the fun by challenging a friend! (Multiplayer feature requires two controllers.)


Race back in time with Dora and Friends, and use mathematics and magic to return an ancient treasure.

Use number skills

Complete number sequences and use addition, subtraction, early algebra and more to traverse the city.

Unleash charms

Twirl charms into action from Dora's bracelet—fly on a butterfly, float on a duck and soar on a bird!

Work together

Tilt and turn the controller to race mouse-back and collect treasure! Team up with a friend to collect even more gems. (Requires 2 controllers.)


Balance bridges

Add numbers to each side of the bridge to balance equations and help Dora get across.


Rotate shapes

Rotate 2D and 3D shapes to find one that will fit in the lock, then select it to open treasure chests.


Personalized learning

The learning adapts automatically to your child's level, offering just the right challenge in every game.

Ways to play

Use the buttons to navigate. Lift or rotate the controller to open boxes and doors. Twirl it to activate magical charms!




  • Addition
  • Early Algebra
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Subtraction

The Learning Difference

As confident, eager problem-solvers, Dora and her friends are great companions on a journey filled with early algebraic thinking and numbers. Children can also practice mentally rotating shapes to fit into a lock, building spatial reasoning skills that may be valuable for future mathematical thinking. –Pamela G., PhD, LeapFrog Learning Expert