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LeapTV: Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates Educational, Active Video Game

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3-5 years

Run, fly and sail around Never Land searching for pirate treasure. Use body motion and mathematics skills to chop through the jungle and grab gold doubloons. Keep moving, and look out for Captain Hook!



Use motion and mathematics skills to find pirate treasure. Run, fly and sail—look out for Captain Hook!

Chop & Sort

Chop vines to help Jake clear a path through the jungle. Then, sort, classify and slice coconuts to fuel up!

Ship Shape

Sail the seas for treasure, and steer Bucky toward shapes. Launch his water cannon to throw Captain Hook off course!

Fly with Izzy

Fly Izzy around Skybird Island. Tilt and turn to count numbers in the clouds and grab gold doubloons from the sky.


Dig with Cubby

Kick up some sand, and dig into the beach to discover mysterious pirate chests! Then, sort and classify the treasures.


Steam Clean

Belch Mountain is erupting! Use hands, legs—anything—to reveal numbers, count objects and wipe away the steam.


Tick-Tock Croc

Search high and low for Tick-Tock Croc, who keeps popping up. Listen for the clock, and point at the Croc!


Ways to Play

Use body motion to grab gold doubloons. Use pointer play to sail Bucky, slice coconuts, chop vines and more!




  • Number Recognition
  • Shapes
  • Sorting & Classifying

The Learning Difference

Mathematics curriculum automatically adjusts to each child's learning level, from recognizing simple shapes and numerals to identifying polygons and higher numbers. – Pamela G., PhD, LeapFrog Learning Expert