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Leapfrog Step & Learn Scout

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Walk and learn with Scout! 

Learn about letters and counting as you walk and play with Scout.

Step & Learn Scout™ blends learning into physical and pretend play. This toy invites toddlers to exercise gross motor skills by walking Scout and engaging their attention with fun phrases and exciting animations to introduce letters and numbers. Clement C., PhD, LeapFrog Learning Expert

Go for a walk

Push Scout along and listen to him sing educational songs while moving his head, legs and tail move.

Step & Learn Scout

2 ways to play

Walk Scout or sit on the floor and play with him

Step & Learn Scout

2 types of curriculum

Choose from three play modes including letters, numbers and fun with Scout.

Step & Learn Scout

ABCs and 123s

Hear songs about letters and numbers while they scroll by on Scout's backpack screen.

Step & Learn Scout

What's in Scout's backpack?

Explore letters and numbers by pressing the arrow buttons. Choose one to find out what Scout has in his backpack.

Step & Learn Scout

Additional information :

Ages 1-4 yrs