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Leapfrog Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo

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An exciting spin on the ABCs! 

Spin the interactive toy to learn about letter names and animal names and sounds, or sing along to fun songs.

Knowing the alphabet is an important first step to learning to read. We designed the Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo™ to expose young children to letter names and sounds with age-appropriate and intuitive batting play. It also engages children’s attention with fun lights and music. Clement C., PhD, LeapFrog Learning Expert

Spin to learn

Spin the interactive toy to learn about animals and letters.

Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo

Introduces ABCs

Learn letter names and their sounds.

Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo

Cheerful melodies

Dance along to the ABC song or Old MacDonald tune.

Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo

3 ways to play

Choose from three play modes including letters, animals and music.

Learn about animals

Includes 26 animal names and sounds.

Spin, push and slide

Animal buttons help develop gross and fine motor skills.

Additional Information : 

Ages 6-36 months