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Leapfrog Scribble & Write

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1-3 years

What's in the box:
• Scribble & Write
• Parent Guide

Trace the lights to learn how to write!
Practise writing upper- and lowercase letters and numbers with a NEW mode that provides instant feedback!

Learn to write
Trace over the lights to get practise drawing upper- and lowercase letters A-Z and numbers 1-10.

Learn on the go with a single retraceable surface and tethered stylus for easy portability.

Receive feedback
Lights and audio help teach proper stroke order, while instant feedback helps children improve.



  • Handwriting
  • The Alphabet
  • Fine Motor Skills

The Learning Difference
Scribble & Write offers multiple levels of learning fun, from early exploration of letter shapes to stroke-by-stroke instant accuracy feedback. Kids are guided to write letters in an engaging and interactive experience at their own pace.