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Leapfrog Read With Me

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2-5 years

What's in the box:
• 5 Read With Me Scout
• 5 Board Books
• Parent Guide

Make reading fun with 5 interactive books!
Listen along as Scout reads to you, and answer his questions as he completes each page.



Listen to stories
Includes a 5-book set that helps build a range of skills from patterns to rhyming, narrative to concept.


Answer questions
Discover 70+ different engagement and comprehension questions over the course of the 5-book set.


Pet, pat or hug
Pet Scout’s back to answer questions; or kiss his cheek and press his paws for songs and friendly responses.


Pattern book
Learn with rhymes, refrains and repetition to predict what comes next.


Narrative book
Learn how stories are put together with characters, settings and a sequence of events.


Concept book
Explore concepts like colors to label and classify new information.


Rhyming book
Learn about the sounds of language and build phonological awareness.



Learn-About book
Learn about the world through reading and see how print carries meaning.



  • Phonics
  • The Alphabet

The Learning Difference
Combining music and tactile play, this kit helps children connect letters with their names and sounds, an essential skill for learning to read.