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Leapfrog Letter Factory Leaping Letters

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Learning is a blast! With an adjustable timer, color-coded letter pieces and extra activity cards, kids practice matching skills, the alphabet and more.

What's included:

• Leaping Letters
• 26 Letters
• Word Building Card
• Word Building List 
• Parent Guide

Get Started

Letter Factory Leaping Letters-Get started

Turn the timer dial to desired level and flip the start-stop timer button. It's a race against time to get all the letters into place.

Pop-tastic fun

Letter Factory Leaping Letters-Pop-tastic fun

An adjustable timer and color-coded play-pieces help keep it fun for everyone. Plus, when the timer stops, the tray really makes the letters pop.

2-player scramble

Letter Factory Leaping Letters-2-player scramble

Share the fun with Mom, Dad, and a buddy or just play solo. Two can play together or take turns.

Learning is a blast

Letter Factory Leaping Letters-Learning is a blast

Get in on the fast-moving action and develop fine motor skills while matching letters.

As easy as A-B-C

Letter Factory Leaping Letters-As easy as A-B-C

Play-pieces feature grips and the tray has letter indents to make playing a breeze.

Word building challenge

Letter Factory Leaping Letters-Word building challenge

Advance to word building and start forming words with add-on activity cards that make beating the clock an exciting challenge.