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Leapfrog LeapStart™ Level 3 Kindergarten Bookset (4 books)

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Introduces phonics, addition, subtraction and global awareness as well as animals, conservation, logic and reasoning.

This combo consists of:

1. LeapStart™ Cook it Up! Math with Logic & Reasoning 30+ Page Activity Book

Get math skills cooking! Join 3 original veggie and fruit characters, Carrot, Tomato and Broccoli, as they explore math, logic and reasoning skills. Teaches 16 kindergarten math, logic and reasoning skills including solving subtraction equations, writing numbers 0-9, interpreting graphs and more.

Checkout here for more info; LeapStart Cook it Up! Math

2. LeapStart™ Amazing Animals with Conservation 30+ Page Activity Book

Explore the animal kingdom and learn about the unique ways animals move, communicate and more. Plus, discover ways to help protect animal environments! Teaches 11 life science and conservation skills including comparing characteristics of animals, understanding human impact on animal habitats and more.

Check out here for more info: LeapStart Amzing Animals

3. LeapStart™ Reading Adventures with Health & Safety 30+ Page Activity Book

Explore reading and health and safety skills with Lily, Tad and friends on a camping expedition in the great outdoors. Teaches 14 kindergarten reading, health and safety skills including reading new words, following directions, identifying proper emergency procedures & more.

Check out here for info: LeapStart Reading Adventure

4. LeapStart™ Kids’ World Atlas with Global Awareness 30+ Page Activity Book

Embark on a journey around the world exploring landmarks, cultures, animals and more —all from the unique point of view of kids. Teaches 13 geography and global awareness skills including use of maps, identifying continents, cultural differences, sharing and more.

Check out here for more info: LeapStart Kids World Atlas


Reader sold separately. Kindly refer this link for info about suitable reader/device for this books.