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Leapfrog LeapReader™ Write It! Disney·Pixar Imagination Activation Activity Book

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Ages: 4-8 years


Join Nemo, Woody, Dash, Mike Wazowski and all their friends in a Disney•Pixar art adventure. Get drawn into their action-packed worlds through this creative writing activity set.


Join Nemo, Woody, Dash, Mike Wazowski and all their friends for writing, drawing and creative fun.


Art & drawing

Swim along with Nemo, and learn how to draw a fish friend in a few simple steps.



Reading comprehension

Join Woody for some rootin'-tootin' fun while answering questions about Jessie, the Prospector, Bullseye and the TV Show, ‘Woody's Roundup'.



Writing skills

Use the included special writing paper to free-draw characters and write original descriptions for them.

Creative expression

Design your own Super by drawing a Super suit and adding facial features. Don't forget to name this incredible hero!


Shapes & patterns

Discover how simple shapes and symmetry can be used to draw characters from Toy Story.

Listening comprehension

Learn all about Monsters, Inc., and Monstropolis with an interactive fun facts game hosted by Mike.





  • Art & Drawing
  • Creative Expression