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Leapfrog LeapReader™ Book Set: Learn to Read, Volume 4

RM 75.00 RM 8,400.00
Ages: 1-3 years


Explore advanced vowels, r-controlled vowels, digraphs and diphthongs.


Go to the art mart, take a train to Maine and meet Squire Hare and Sir Turtle—in stories that introduce advanced vowels.


Sound it

Hear words sounded out and learn the different ways advanced vowel sounds are represented in words.



Spell it

Reinforce letter recognition, improve word-blending skills and learn about r-controlled vowels, digraphs and diphthongs.



About the series

The Early Reading Series is designed to build core phonics skills and support children as they proceed at their own pace toward independent reading.





  • Vowels
  • Phonics 
  • Sight Words


Notes to Parents:

Leapreader device sold separately.