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Leapfrog LeapReader™ Book: Pixar Pals Puzzle Time

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Ages: 4-6 years


Join friends from Toy Story 3, Cars, Finding Nemo and WALL•E in games that help build skills in mathematics, memory and reasoning.


Boost problem-solving skills with 18 interactive games featuring characters from Toy Story 3, Cars, Finding Nemo and WALL•E.


500+ audio responses

Match toys, solve puzzles, complete word searches, break codes and lots more!



Practice counting and build mathematics skills through fun games with Mater, Lightning McQueen and Nemo.


Memory skills

Develop memory skills by matching and identifying Andy’s toys.






  • Logic & Reasoning
  • Memory
  • Life Science


The Learning Difference

LeapReader books tap into children's natural curiosity and inspire them to explore. By connecting LeapReader to a computer you can see your child’s progress, expand the learning with fun activities and get personalized skill insights.

Notes to parents:

Device (Leapreader sold separetly)