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Leapfrog Fridge Numbers Magnetic Set

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Get an early start on numbers and counting for those with big learning appetites—20 interactive tiles included!

What's in the box

• Magnetic Tile Reader
• 20 Interactive Magnetic Tiles
• Parent Guide

Get started

Colorful tile reader and magnetic tiles stick to your fridge or any magnetic surface.


Fridge Numbers Magnetic Set-Get started




Match and Learn

Place the matching food tile in Scout's picnic basket to hear about numbers– 'Great! One banana. I have one banana in my picnic basket'. Press again for a helping of food group fun – 'Bananas are a fruit. Can you find another fruit?'


Fridge Numbers Magnetic Set-Match and Learn


Count, sing and play

Place a number tile in Scout's picnic basket to hear the number and count along with Scout—'One! Can you find one banana for my picnic lunch?



Fridge Numbers Magnetic Set-Count, sing and play


It's a match!


Fridge Numbers Magnetic Set-It

Matching numerals to object sets help to reinforce the concept that numbers represent quantities.


A colorful picnic

Includes 10 colorful number tiles and 10 matching food set tiles.





Fridge Numbers Magnetic Set-A colorful picnic