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Pre Order : Ladybird Read With Me Serie (Complete Set)

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Ladybird Read with Me (Keywords to Reading by William Murray)

Using a controlled vocabulary in serie of graded steps, reading schemes offer a structured approach to teach a beginner reader. The Ladybird Reading with Me reading scheme adopts the look-say (sight reading) method, introducing learners to the 300 most frequently used words in the English language (keywords). Pronunciation and meaning are learned through gradual introduction and careful repetition. Key words are always carried over to the next book in the serie.

Age 4 years above

This set consists of:

  1. Read With Me First Words
  2. Read With Me Let's Play
  3. Read with Me The Dragon Den
  4. Read With Me The Space Boat
  5. Read With Me Sam to the Rescue
  6. Read With Me Kate and the Crocodile
  7. Read With Me The Dream
  8. Read With Me The Day Trip
  9. Read With Me Tom's Storybook
  10. Read With Me The Sports Day
  11. Read With Me Magic Music
  12. Read With Me The Big Secret
  13. Read With Me The Fierce Giant
  14. Read With Me Lost in Piper's Park
  15. Read With Me The Dolphin Chase
  16. Read With Me The Robbery
  17. Read With Me A Busy Night