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Fatimah & Ahmed Combo Set

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Product Description:

Book by Razeena Gutta

The latest in Muslim children’s books!

Faatimah and Ahmed : We're Little's Muslim

Faatimah and Ahmed love being Little Muslims. Today was Ahmed’s first day at school and he has learnt some very important things about Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
Join them, as Ahmed tells Faatimah a special story about when Muhammad (SAW) was born, and explains to her how important Muhammad (SAW) is to Muslims.
A bright, colourful and gently written book that will help young children, from the age of 2, to understand who Muhammad SAW is and how important he is to us.

Faatimah and Ahmed : Miracles in the Desert 

Faatimah and Ahmed love animals! Today they are visiting a farm and can't waut to see their favourite animals!

Ahmed also tells Faatimah some very miraculous things about the time that Prophet Muhammad SAW lived in the desert with his foster parents.