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Aulad Read & Play Special Combo (4 books)

RM 65.00 RM 6,800.00

Combo set includes 4 books :

1) Safeeya & Kitty : Playing In The Rain

Safeeya is an observant little girl, who always ponders about the natural world around her and nature always amazes her as it is proof of Allah’s greatness.

2) 5-Minutes Bedtime Reminders for Little Ones

Bedtime reminders for children. 1 night 1 reminder for parent to read to their children. Main objectives are to initiate children to think of their responsibilities as Muslim and practise better behaviour

3) Ziyad & Tiger: Animals from the Quran

Ziyad and his backpack tiger had an adventurous night meeting the animals mentioned in the Quran. Indeed, these animals have their own uniqueness. Definitely, Allah created these animals with purposes

4) Bedtime Reminders: Have You Ever Wondered?

Raising the future generation is one of our most important responsibilities as parents. The best way to do so, is through learning and understanding the Quran. This book provides a way for children to understand and love the Quran through simple stories and  fun illustrations.

“1 night 1 Quranic verse” concept. Simple writing dan gambar with attractive illustration.
Quran verses selection to answer frequently ask questions by our kids regarding their religion.
Suitable for bedtime stories & read-aloud session.
Quick “Usrah” or Circle with children.
Material to train children to talk about Quran.