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Ali Gator Combo 3

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Ali Gator Combo 3

Combination of 2 series books:

Let’s think about Series

“Let’s think about” series, including the following titles:

1 )  Let’s Think About… Allah’s Great Garden

2 )  Let’s Think About… Allah’s One Big Family

3 )  Let’s Think About… Allah’s Daily Blessings

4 )  Let’s Think About… Allah’s Animal Planet

Teaches children to think about the many blessings Allah has bestowed upon them and encouraging them to be thankful.

Ali Gator Mini Series

1 ) Allah's Gifts

Shukr (gratitude) is an important characteristic for any young Muslim. This book stimulates young minds to think about the many wonderful gifts that Allah has given us. 24 pages Full Color Ages 3yrs - 8yrs

2 ) Allah Tell Me

In the Quran Allah Tells Me what I must do to be a good Muslim. In Sha Allah (God Willing) this book inspires young hearts to learn & love Allah. 24 pages Full Color Ages 3yrs - 8yrs