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Ali Gator Akhlaaq Building For Kids Series Combo 1 (4books)

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Akhlaaq Building For Kids Series, featuring Saaliha & her younger brother Ali. This series inspires children to develop good Manners through fun stories involving children like themselves.

 HELPING OTHERS: Ali is blessed to have a caring big sister like Saaliha, she helps him in so many ways.

KEEPING PROMISES: It's not always easy to keep a promise, but Saaliha does and her friends love that about her.

SHARING WHAT YOU LOVE: Ali doesn't want to share his new bike, but soon realizes it's more fun when you share what you love.

STUDYING HARD: Good study habits get good results. Learn to study well and the results will come.


Each book contains 24 glossy-type pages and full color. Ages 3yrs - 8yrs