Two Sisters One Sarong - Emila Yusof
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Two Sisters, One Sarong is picture book that tells a simple story about reconciliation. Two sisters grow up enjoying great times together sharing a sarong and playing with it in every way they can possibly think of. Their relationship grows as they spend time together but one day they fought over the sarong. Both wanted it and both did not want to give in. The sarong tore in half and they went their own way with their torn half of the sarong. That was the beginning of their strained relationship. Even the arrival of their third sister did not heal them until one day a crisis took place when the baby sister they loved fell into a river and the only way to save her was for them to tie their sarongs together to rescue her from the water. The crisis and the knot tied on the bridge opened their eyes to see what was more valuable in life - peace that is priceless and relationships that are precious.

LORRAINE YOONG is a writer and designer based in Kuala Lumpur.

EMILA YUSOF is a popular illustrator and blogger. Her first picture book, My Mother's Garden has been published in English, Malay, Chinese and German, in both print, digital and animation formats. Other books by Emila include the bestselling Legendary Princesses of Malaysia, and colouring for adults series, Colourart by Emila Yusof. She has written and illustrated a series of eight craft books for children.

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