Dr Yasir Qadhi : Combo 2 Books
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Dr Yasir Qadhi : Combo 2 Books
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1. The Miracle of The Qur'an

Discover more on the other miracles of prophet Muhammad s.a.w and how the Qur'an even eclipses all of the miracles of all the prophets before him from this book.

'Prophet S.A.W said, “The only miracle that I have been given, is the revelation that Allah has sent down to me. This Qur’an. That is my only miracle.” Then he said, “And because of it, I hope to have the largest quantity of followers on The Day of Judgement. Because of this miracle, I want my ummah to be the biggest ummah.” '

Look at how great the Qur'an is as one of the miracle which ALLAH s.w.t has gifted to our prophet Muhammad s.a.w that it is able to gather more followers than other miracles even of all the prophets before him.


2. The Power of Repentance

Lets understand further on repentance and how does it affects our life from this book

"The believer sees his sins like a mountain and that mountain will destroy him and this as opposed to the example of the munafiq, the hypocrite, and the evil person. ... the munafiq trivialises the sins that he does and he considers them to be like the flies so he just needs to brush them away and they will fly away."

Whether we realize or not of our sins, always repent to Allah s.w.t as we are human beings. Human beings commit sins. But the best of us to Allah s.w.t will be those who repent.

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